#202 | Album Review | Miasmatic Necrosis – Apex Profane


Hey there, yah bubonic blistering bile warts! This week Ryan and preform some auditory surgery on a rather gruesome goregrind album. Just take a glance at the grotesque, yet medically verbose track titles of Miasmatic Necrosis’ debut album Apex Profane and you will know exactly what I am talking about. We both bolstered our vocabulary only for it to already leave my mucosanguineous mess of a brain. Talking about brutal ways to die has become quite the staple on this podcast so of course, there’s plenty of that to be had. I also get pretty worked up about the mass-produced “healthy” garbage buffet-style eateries of the past (I’m looking at your Fresh Choice). You will also encounter the tale of Salhalla, the planetary zit cleaner, within the episode. However, if you do happen to be repulsed by the album cover, maybe you should sit this one out (it’s a nasty one-hundred-ish minutes).

Like the album’s track titles suggest, Miasmatic Necrosis delivers a barbarous, scalpel-sharp album. Many tracks are brief, but man do they obliterate you like a white head (let’s call it a Melvin) growing on the tip of your nose. Destructive noise whip lashes you like an old wooden rollercoaster that should’ve been retired a decade ago. Despite the grinding noise, you will notice some slick riffs and bodacious bass grooves throughout the duration of this ride. If you ever wanted to participate as a human whack a mole, well then this is the album for you too! The drums will mallet you into a red-hued puddle of beef pudding all while the vocalist annihilates you with gnashing pandemonium. I’ll take two tickets to Apex Profane, pack my bags, and leave tonight!

Miasmatic Necrosis is a goregrind/deathgrind quartet from somewhere in the eastern reaches of the United States. There is not much information to be found about the band as of yet (I can’t even find a cute band photo). Apex Profane dropped on October 31st, 2020 (a fitting Halloween release).

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Like what you hear? Head over to the Miasmatic Necrosis Bandcamp page and grab a digital copy of the album. At the time of this publication, vinyl copies from P2 are sold out, but there are talks for a second repress. You can also follow the composers of gory grind on Facebook.

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