#94 | Album Review | Allegaeon – Apoptosis


Allegaeon is a melodic, technical death metal quintet from Denver, Colorado. They formed back in 2007 and since congealing, they have produced five full-length albums plus a couple of singles. Though they have undergone several line-up changes since establishing themselves, the primary guitarist, Greg Burgess, has been the brigade’s constant and persistent member. Their latest release, Apoptosis, is the second album with their relatively new vocalist, Riley McShane (Son of Aurelias).

Apoptosis is quite the album to marvel at. It is breathtaking in its technicality, uplifting in its melodies, and expansive in scope as it effortlessly incorporates tinges of orchestral flair. Synth movements ensconce the instruments in delicate shrouds of grandiose, albeit sublime textures that propel the album to vistas awestriking and indelible. And while the brutality is, for the most part, unrelenting as the brigade seamlessly sutures together break-neck riffs with delectable melody, they pockmark their science-fiction journey with tantalizing acoustics as seen in “Color of the Currents”. Through repeat listens, themes of humanity’s inevitable demise come to light. But Apoptosis is not wholly drenched in undiluted melancholy. Rather, positive declarations are sung, particularly near the album’s conclusion. Despite the quagmire of rampant instrumentation Allegaeon drags us across, tendrils of hope streak overhead, giving us ideas to reflect upon when the album eventually terminates. This is an album worthy of repeat listens and we sincerely hope you enjoy our dissection of this masterfully crafted opus. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital copy of Apoptosis from Allegaeon’s Bandcamp page. Physical copies (2xLP, CD) can be acquired via Metal Blade Records. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on new developments from them.

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