#95 | Interview | Noxious Insect (Nature-based Harsh Noise Explorations)


Noxious Insect is a harsh noise artist residing in Melbourne, Australia. His experimentations in noise began close to one year ago, though he did not begin publishing compositions until April 2019. What’s rather intriguing about his brand of noise is that it does not tread themes or concepts typically associated with noise. Where many artists articulate personal anguish, themes of sex and violence, politics, and a litany of human-specific struggles, Noxious Insect embraces the natural world harboring us.

On his debut release, Holometabolism, Noxious Insect explores the birth and evolution of flies. Though at this moment he does not make use of field recordings to craft his sound, he strives to create textures that sound familiar amidst his seething walls of harsh noise. It sincerely is a novel approach as he channels frequencies we regularly hear whilst walking about nature or shuffling across the asphalt architecture of human design. Beyond this immediate realization, however, his noise presents us with a reflection on the micro-biology us humans typically do not contemplate. It offers listeners a microscopic analysis of the natural world and this quality stirs genuine wonder.

In this interview, Noxious Insect offers us a glimpse into his noise production. He expounds upon his intrigue with nature and discusses the reasons that compelled him to explore the beauty of Earth and what makes it tick, even if on the surface it looks grotesque. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Noxious Insect’s releases over on his Bandcamp page.

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This episode was edited and mastered by Gabe Nielsen.

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