#88 | The Noise Perspective | Dead Twin (Devastating Harsh Noise/Power Electronics)


Dead Twin is the devastating harsh noise/power electronics moniker of John Cartagena, who resides in New Jersey. Where his noise mangling originally began under the project name Grey Bogus several years prior, Dead Twin marked a turning point where John fully embraced the chemically imbalanced chaos pent up in his skull. This led to his ear-obliterating tone that he describes as the sound you would hear if you plugged his mind into an amplifier.

The change in project name simultaneously represents a more sentimental attitude John harbored toward his noise production. Grey Bogus arose from the simple concatenation of two words he pieced together whilst working a warehouse job—a brand of paper named Bogus and the pallid shade of their product. Dead Twin was supposed to be the title of a Grey Bogus track, however, John decided to pay homage to his late baby brother and crystallize his memory by adopting the name. Though not every track he produces relates directly to his brother, his existence is promulgated and remembered in each Dead Twin release.

In this episode of The Noise Perspective, John digs into his early days of experimenting with noise. He describes his piercing sound, some of his wildest live shows, and he touches on some key influences, in particular, the Japanese noise scene. Following this, he treats us to twelve minutes of undiluted hellnoise. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Dead Twin’s discography over on his Bandcamp page. You can also follow him on Instagram to stay up-to-date on new project developments.

If you would like to listen to Dead Twin’s raw set, you can do so by becoming a patron over on our Patreon page. There, you can also access an extended, lightly edited interview about his project. A new, in-depth interview with Dead Twin will be published here on From Corners Unknown in the coming weeks.

This episode was edited and mastered by Gabe Nielsen.

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