#185 | Album Review | Shifting – It Was Good


How’s it going spud buddies? This week Ryan and I salivate out words on Shifting’s debut full-length album, It Was Good. You know, I can’t help but say that it was indeed good. This release is a flavor of noise rock that we have yet to experience in our music journey. I found myself enjoying it within the late hours of the night, especially with the slow jams “Big Bottle” and “Gibberish(hey look, a song for every noise that leaves my mouth). This album also contains noisy fun with droning distortions and slurred gravely vocal deliveries. Dipped in oil! Dipped in oil!

Ryan and I describe the imagery the album inspired as usual. For example, the track “Polo Neck Dream” made me think of a gaggle of Ned Flanders looking dudes kidnapping me. They waterboard me and attempt to force out the passwords to this website, in which they then delete everything we have ever released (which honestly might be doing the world justice). The combination of relaxed melodies, quality bass, and dirty instrumentals also conjured a grim tale of singing human paintbrushes (“Pompadour”) used by an artist giant named Big Ed. The lyrics in the tracks certainly paint a more uh… poetic and intelligent picture. And man oh man, when these dudes get heavy it’s pure fatty gold. Each track too harbors its own distinct vibe that keeps the album incredibly engaging.

Shifting is a quirky, droning three-piece band from Dublin, Ireland that formed in 2016. In 2017 they released a split with Gummidge containing the song “Spudgasm“, which is the opening track on It Was Good. Speaking of which, this album was released through our pal Adam of Constant Disappointment Records! It came out on August 24th, 2020. The sky is falling in, the sky is yah ha ha!

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If you would like to pick up a digital and/or vinyl copy of It Was Good, head over to the Constant Disappointment Records Bandcamp page if you’re in the States. If Shifting is local to you, you can grab a vinyl copy from them directly. Get on their social media at Facebook and Instagram. Also, be sure to check out their bizarre music videos as well.

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