#195 | Album Review | Return to Worm Mountain – Acoustic Tracks 2020


Hello there, pig children of the void! This week Ryan and I return to the bizarre whimsical folk lands of worm mountain—aka, we get weird as hell describing the amazing music dwelling within Return to Worm Mountain’s latest record, Acoustic Tracks 2020. We delve into great detail as we describe the tracks within our own lore-filled podcast universe. We do this by introducing the sentient symbiotic immortal worm (Mgalekgololads known as Nacnud and Macrand (pretty Tolkien inspired on my part). They were formed at the beginning of the world’s creation and have inspired creatures and intelligent beings alike for thousands of years. Yet in recent times the world of Grizzlium has grown depressingly corrupt and now they long to end their lives. This is where things get strange on our part.

Despite our deranged ramblings that attempt to add a narrative to this album, it is incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting. Duncan and Cam create warm folky backdrops with electronic wizzes and whirls that make one’s imagination wander infinitely. There are plenty of tracks with zany yet calming acoustic guitar melodies that work perfectly for a woodland trail stroll. Do not forget the moments of harmonica and springy banjo jams either! Overall, each tune invokes a new landscape for one to adventure through, be it a western saloon in “Bad Witch” or a golden apple orchard in “Lay Me Down the Mountainside”. Hell, I also get pretty down with the relatable Covid-19 themes in “No Kissing the Dead”. These awesome dudes always deliver something interesting for my ears to digest. If I had to choose a soundtrack to endlessly walk worm filled marshlands, I’d always choose a Return to Worm Mountain album. This music gets as weirdly psychedelic as my brain mush and I relish every bit of it.

Return to Worm Mountain is mostly comprised of two South African weirdos known as Duncan Park and Cam Lofstrand. Each member delivers a multitude of musical talent in each track as well as the occasional guest artist. If you pay attention to the shenanigans of From Corners Unknown you may recognize these names in other places *wink wink*. Acoustic Tracks 2020 is their third LP since early 2019. Each release of theirs has explored a wide array of different elements within their own unique style, and Ryan and I have covered them all if you would like to lurk your way into our podcast archives (debut self-titled and Therianthropy).

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