Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 27 | Return to Worm Mountain, FOUDRE!, Summoned by Giants


In episode twenty-seven, we vacate the halls of bone and flesh to journey to the quirky, synth-laden krautrock mountain of worms on Return to Worm Mountain’s eponymous LP. We get doused in the effervescent ambient energy of FOUDRE!’s Kami 神 and we simultaneously roil in its telluric drones as it shapeshifts into industrial-tinged throes. And we get smoked out by the delectably hefty stoner doom crunch of Azimuth from Summoned by Giants.

As an aside, the “Voices From Corners Unknown” series name will be retired after this episode. In its place, we will begin simply calling this series “Reviews” and we will also begin breaking each album discussion out into their own individual episodes. This is intended to make each episode more digestible and focused. We will additionally be discontinuing the numerical ordering of this series and instead, we will begin publishing these episodes in the numerical order in which they appear on our podcast feed. This way, it will be clearer to follow the chronology of our podcast feed without the three distinct series (Artist Interviews, Voices From Corners Unknown, Celluloid Obscurities) bleeding together.

Thank you so much for listening. You can find relevant links, artwork, and tracks to sample below. The discussions of each album begin at the following timestamps:

00:02:16 – Return to Worm Mountain’s eponymous LP

00:31:05 – FOUDRE!’s Kami 神

00:57:05 – Summoned by Giants’ Azimuth

01:18:47 – Other album recommendations

1. Return to Worm Mountain - Return to Worm Mountain

Genre: Krautrock, Garage rock, Folk, Psychedelic
Label: Self-released
From: Durban, South Africa


Genre: Experimental electronic, Ambient, Noise, Drone
Label: Gizeh Records
From: France

3. Summoned by Giants - Azimuth

Genre: Stoner metal, Doom metal 
Label: Self-released
From: Seattle, WA

Other recommendations discussed near this episode's conclusion

Gloomseeker’s Self-Titled LP

Genre: Doomgaze, Drone

Charles Razeur’s Self-Titled Cassette

Genre: Harsh noise

Meitei / 冥丁’s Kwaidan / 怪談

Genre: Lo-fi ambient, Lo-fi beat

Elephant Rifle’s Hunk

Genre: Noise rock, Punk

Desmembracion’s vol. 0

Genre: Metalcore, Nu-metal

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