#225 | Reviews and Other Rambles: Wordclock, BUMMER, Trophy Scars, GRIZZLOR, and More


Salutations void denizens! This new podcast episode marks a shake-up in our typical approach to covering music. While we maintained a steady pace of publishing single album review episodes for the past couple of years, this formula has become increasingly cumbersome. There are so many albums we want to cover from this year that we just don’t have the time for in our current format. Plus, we wanted to take a stab at making the episodes more conversational. (Note: We do have two more episodes that are, more or less, in our now old format that we plan to drop in due time).

With that in mind, this new format endeavors to cover many more artists. Upcoming records to look forward to, some fresh(-ish) singles from bands we dig, newer EPs, splits, and demos, and even some peculiar finds from the dregs of Bandcamp. The back half of the episode aligns more with what you’d expect from our old format. In it, we cover four records with some depth and banter. Connor picks two and I pick two.

Below you can find most of what we cover in this episode (easter eggs, of course, are left out). Each “segment” functions as a block of time in the conversation where we cover the material detailed. If you have some artists, albums, singles, or any other form of musical media you’d like us to consider for a future episode, please feel free to send us an email or reach out at one of our various social media channels.

Thank you all so much for your continued support over the years! If you have thoughts, recommendations, or constructive criticism for our new format, please let us know as we’re always keen to better our coverage and continue improving.

Segment 01: Band Developments

Rambles about upcoming music

Pomegranate Tiger, a progressive instrumental metal project helmed by Martin Andres, announced new material is actively being worked on; the expected release date is sometime in 2022.

Allegaeon, one of Connor’s most favorite tech-death bands, is dropping their new record, DAMNUM, in February 2022.

Pound, our favorite mathcore/skronk duo, is recording another two albums worth of material that they wrote during quarantine. The release dates have yet to be determined, but we’re keen to hear new batshit compositions from these guys, as it’s been about 2.5 years since their second LP, ••, dropped.

Unfurl is in the process of recording their new LP, which we assume will see the light of day in 2022. In 2019, they released one of my favorite records that year, The Waking Voidhighly recommended if you’re keen on grinding death metal with volcanic vocals, ambient respites, and a litany of other influences.

Segment 02: "New" Tracks

Rambles about relatively fresh tracks

Mastodon’s “Teardrinker”. A new track (and accompanying music video) off their new album Hushed and Grim, which came out October 29.

Intercourse’s “Flagpole Sitta”. A noise rock rendition of the Harvey Danger classic from 1997, in suitably deranged and disheveled Intercourse flair.

Don’t Grow Old’s “I Spoke So Loud the Mountain Shook”. One of two new DGO tracks featured on a split alongside Burr. Poignant and punctual post-hardcore-laden noise rock.

Gonemage’s “No Corpse Found, Just a Spirit”. A featured track from their upcoming sophomore LP, Sudden Deluge. Blackened chiptune zaniness from Galimgim featuring a cavalcade of musicians, like Alec Head of Ghostbound, Burst Synapse, Thecodontion, winterquilt, and many others. Also, they are one-half of the equally eccentric Cara Neir project.

Segment 03: EPs

Rambles about some newer EPs

Knock Over City’s Dungeon Module 666. Lowell’s punk rock power trio. It’s our current understanding that this is two of four planned dungeon module releases. The first, Dungeon Module 420, was released back in January 2020. We’ve both become quite fond of this project since reviewing their it’s rad, dude EP. This module features an array of emotionally resonant tunes pocked with saxophone, trumpet, and hefty thrums.

Insomnium’s Argent Moon. One of Connor’s long-running favorite melodic death metal bands. This new EP of theirs came out via Century Media Records back in July 2021.

Knocked Loose’s A Tear in the Fabric of Life. For reasons unexplained, I have never checked Knocked Loose’s material until this EP. This appears to have been a surprise release. Alongside it debuted an accompanying animated short film.

Segment 04: Forgotten Recents

Records we've been digging, but don't have the time for a deep dive

Bossk’s Migration. A constant rotator for Connor. This dropped back in June 2021 via Deathwish.

LLNN’s Unmaker. Sludgy SciFi hardcore. Never did I think I needed a collision of tones so frigid and isolating, yet simultaneously trampling. The flittering synth backdrops are stellar.

Wallowing / Thin / Slabdragger / Vixen Maw – Four-Way Split. An absolutely mental flurry of blackened death-doom, mathy deathgrind, sludgy doom, and experimental grind fuckery.

Abstracter – Abominion. Murky blackened death-doom from Oakland. A monstrous release with an acrid and stifling atmosphere.

Segment 05: Albums of Focus

Records we dive into with some depth (in order of appearance)

Wordclock - A Greater Bliss

Timestamp in episode: 01:10:26

The fourth opus from the experimental dark ambient artist Pedro Pimentel (Wordclock), out via Cryo Chamber.

BUMMER - Dead Horse

Timestamp in episode: 01:21:17

The sophomore LP from Kansas City’s sludgy noise rock trio. Out via Thrill Jockey Records.

Trophy Scars - Astral Pariah

Timestamp in episode: 01:33:40

The long-awaited fifth LP from New Jersey’s psychedelic-drenched blues outfit.

GRIZZLOR - Hammer of Life

Timestamp in episode: 01:45:53

The second album from New Haven’s beyond irritated noise rock trio. Out via Hex Records and GRIZZLOR’s own Hermit Cave Records.

* * * * * *

If you’ve scrolled this far, thank you so much for perusing the bands featured in this episode. All the links to our socials can be found below.

If you have any feedback or insights to share with us on our new podcast format, we’d love to hear from you. You’re always more than welcome to email us at fromcornersunknown@gmail.com or ping us on one of our various social media channels.

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