Track Premier | Apostle’s “Taketh”

From Corners Unknown is ecstatic to bring you a glimpse into the new LP from Georgia-based chaotic hardcore trio, Apostle. “Taketh” marks Apostle expanding their sonic palette beyond their debut EP, Shallow Graves, as they entrench themselves in sodden griminess. The vociferous wails of vocalist Cam beg for the end. Each shriek pierces the caustic slough of staggering drums. Suffocating in the dense, claustrophobic murk of strings and wires, fractures of skin-searing feedback belt. Though barely clocking in at 70 seconds, “Taketh” douses you in tar and sets you ablaze.

Apostle - Sufferer
Photo by Susan Irais Reyes

“Taketh” is the first slice of new noise from their upcoming LP, Sufferer, which will be self-released on June 14th, 2019. It will be available digitally and on cassette. Get eviscerated by “Taketh” by watching the video below.

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