#93 | Album Review | Inter Arma – Sulphur English


Inter Arma (Latin for “In War”) is a monolithic, progressive doom brigade from Richmond, Virginia. Established back in 2006, they unleashed their debut LP, Sundown, in 2010. Nine years later, Inter Arma are on their fourth LP, Sulphur English, which is out via Relapse Records.

Sulphur English congeals a sundry of influences atop a corrosive, concrete bedrock of hefty doom. Black metal, death metal, psychedelic, sludge metal, and a bevy of other genres seep into Inter Arma’s foundation. Though what is most uncanny about their sound is their atmosphere. Primordial riffs beckon us toward ancient gateways locked within our chests. And as biting passages of tectonic-rumbling thrums percolate, ceaseless they bulldoze the chains preventing us from understanding the genuine nature us humans have long forgotten. Moments of pensiveness strike the sun-gilded peaks of this despondent landscape. However, Sulphur English is mostly a lonesome wayfaring across bubonic-tinged soil pockmarked with tombstones of charred tree husks and detritus. This album is utterly sullen and crushing, yet simultaneously intoxicating, triumphant, and revitalizing. It latches onto an ancient strand of DNA residing in each of us. And it strives to ignite a smoldering flame to illuminate an ancient path we have strayed. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital or physical copy (2xLP, CD) from Inter Arma’s Bandcamp page. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on new developments from them.

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