Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 1 (The Null Spectre, protoU and Hilyard, Drug Honkey)


In an effort to cover more music, artists, albums on this site, I’ve teamed up with a close friend of mine, Connor, to begin a podcast series. Each episode we will discuss three records; the genres will remain in the realms of dark ambient, metal, or genres tangentially related to these. At the end of a record’s discussion, we will play a small sample clip of the record we think will give listeners an idea of what to expect should you go listen to the full release. The series is titled Voices From Corners Unknown. We will do our best to trickle these out on a bi-weekly basis.

There are no ratings in our discussions, just simple yes/no recommendations. These discussions will not replace the written reviews that pop up on the site from time-to-time. Rather, this podcast series attempts to broaden the coverage of artists over the years ahead. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy our discussions.

For our inaugural episode, we discuss the following artists and their records in this order:

1. The Null Spectre - Wendigo

Genre: Dark Ambient, Horror
Label: Self-released
From: Seattle, WA
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“Wendigo was written as the score to a fictitious film about a group of explorers who become stranded in the wilderness after a severe storm blows through their camp, leaving them helpless as they are stalked by an unseen predator; an ancient entity known as the Wendigo…”

2. protoU & Hilyard - Alpine Respire

Genre: Dark Ambient, Drone
Label: Cryo Chamber
From: Ukraine (protoU) & Maine (Hilyard)
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“Alpine Respire immerses you in field recordings from two continents. Warm drone contrasts raindrops and the call of animals in the wild. This damp album invites you to explore the unreachable corners of the Earth. From the harshest mountains to the darkest forests.”

3. Drug Honkey - Cloak of Skies

Genre: Atmospheric Death/Doom
Label: Transcending Obscurity
From: Chicago, IL

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