Track Premiere: “Rats In The Walls” by Plague of Carcosa

Just one day ahead of its official release, From Corners Unknown brings you an early stream and download of Plague of Carcosa’s fifteen-minute stoner-doom behemoth, Rats In The Walls. A nod to H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, this track finds the Chicago trio expanding their noxious clouds of doom across the azure canopy of a world that is about to slide into infinite darkness. Gargantuan this track plods in the space between the walls Plague of Carcosa constructs. Seldom does it break out of its perpetually gnawing riff; it scratches and teethes at the wood. It wants to burst out—so it seems—building tension with each strum of strings, with each kick drum and accompanying snare smash. As the walls begin to crack and the sludge percolates from worlds beyond, Rats In The Walls encroaches upon your sanity and suffocates you with despondency. There is no hope; drown in the murk below.

You can download a copy of Rats In the Walls at Plague of Carcosa’s Bandcamp page right now. Stream the track in the embedded player below.

Thank you Plague of Carcosa for this opportunity to share your new track ahead of its release. The unsettling and surreal artwork is from none other than Zdzisław Beksiński with the font produced by Plague of Carcosa’s second guitarist, Zack, and his fiancée, Ana Sessler. 

Rats In The Walls was mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording; mastering of the track was done by Dennis Pleckham (Bongripper, Comatose Studio).


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