Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 6 (Cosmotheoros, Antigama, Malicious Wonderland)


In episode six of Voices From Corners Unknown, we discuss the debut EP of atmospheric black metal project Cosmotheoros, the latest mini-album Depressant from experimental grindcore paradigm shifters Antigama, and the harrowing industrial throes of Malicious Wonderland’s Pessimism.

Thank you so much for listening and your continued support. Let us know your thoughts on these records below.

1. Cosmotheoros - At Eternity's Gate

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Post Metal
Label: Self-released
From: Melbourne, Australia

2. Antigama - Depressant

Genre: Grindcore / Experimental 
Label: Selfmadegod Records
From: Warszawa, Poland
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“Poland’s Warsaw-based grindcore aficionados ANTIGAMA release their brand new mini-album “Depressant”. The follow-up to ANTIGAMA’s 2015 “The Insolent” was recorded and mixed in July/August 2017 at Warsaw’s JNS Studio by the longtime band collaborator Paweł Grabowski. Then carefully edited & mastered by James Plotkin (O.L.D., PHANTOMSMASHER) at Plotkinworks. “Depressant” brings 7 songs of well executed progressive grindcore that is trademark of the Warsaw quartet!”

3. Malicious Wonderland - Pessimism

Genre: Industrial / Experimental / Dark Ambient
Label: Self-released
From: Michigan

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