#193 | Album Review | Tineidae – Exo


We are back in space once again, void popsicles! This week Ryan and I slam on our space helms and enter a derelict spacecraft. This dark ambient craft was created by the artist Tineidae for their debut Cryo Chamber release Exo. Within the episode, we describe the various imagery the complex musical soundscapes inspire. Be it a distant sunlit communal room full of moths or a damp crimson-hued maintenance passage, Ryan and I both try to forge our own narrative as we descend into each track (we get weird as usual). I also implement a new character to the FCU lore which is inspired by Exo‘s concept. It’s the stealthy bacon-loving black market contractor “Kummerspeck”! The visuals we come up with are also inspired by what Tineidae is. So stretch your little moth wings and flutter into this episode!

Tineidae drops you right into the interstellar realms of space. He does this by creating asteroid drifting drones that starship sputtering engines must avoid. You get calming arpeggiated swells mixed in with textures of futuristic computer tones. The overall ambiance creates a feeling of wonder for the great beyond. I can’t help but picture beautiful nebulas, exploding quasars, and distant galaxy swirls. There are also serene moments of piano work that teem with sorrow. Tonal melodies dance with dripping percussion and wispy souls lost to the vacuum of space. Each track delivers a mix of emotions as you create cinematic landscapes in your head, may it be exploring a heavily damaged mothership or a goofy bounty hunter tracking down an alien beast. I believe it’s up to the listener to decide.

Pavlo Storonskyi is the creator of Tineidae. Pavlo resides in Warsaw, Poland but hails from Ukraine. He masterfully uses industrial beats infused with cinematic electronics and atmospheric ambience to create these complex soundscapes. You can tell the music is inspired by SciFi. Exo was released via Cryo Chamber on July 28th, 2020.

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Digital or CD copies of Exo are available for purchase at Cryo Chamber’s Bandcamp. Follow Tineidae on Facebook and Instagram, and if you’re interested in electronic-driven beats, be sure to check out his personal Bandcamp page as its rife with them.

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