Ep. 12: A Conversation with Year of the Coyote (Concrete Cudgeling of Metallic Hardcore and Relentless Sludge)


Year Of The Coyote is a sludgy metallic hardcore band from Portland, Oregon. Founded in the summer months of 2014, Matt (vocals and guitar), Matt (bass), and Travis (drums) congealed to create a three-song demo, which dropped in December that year. Soon after its release, bassist Matt moved out of state to Alaska and the empty space he left was quickly by Cookie one week later.

The band rose from the disintegration of twohands—a hardcore outfit hailing from the same region. Matt, then just the vocalist of twohands, and Travis, drumming for the band, persisted for a couple years together under this outfit. When twohands began stagnating from a writing perspective, Matt took it upon himself to write his own riffs. Though he was only the vocalist at the time, he practiced playing his own riffs whilst singing and Travis backed him from behind the kit. The duo’s new sound was quite different from that of twohands. And as a result, they decided to break off to build their new project, paying homage to their past by naming their band after a twohands song.

While no new songs escaped into the ether between their demo and November 2017, Year Of The Coyote has been busy writing songs and pushing their technical capabilities as musicians. Just a couple weeks ago the three-piece dropped their first LP, Siege, a ten track concrete cudgeling of relentless sludge, complex riffage, and intricate drumming. And in this conversation, the band discusses the writing of Siege. They also divulge details about their origins, the philosophy underlying their sound, where they draw their inspiration from, and they also delve some into their personal backgrounds as musicians. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can grab a digital copy of Siege over at Year Of The Coyote’s Bandcamp page and stream it there as well. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for news related to upcoming shows (if you live in the Portland Metro area) and other updates. Audio engineered by Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio.

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