Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 5 (MEDIUM, Deadly Probe, Astrakhan)


In our fifth episode of Voices From Corners Unknown, we discuss the strangely fantastical self-titled debut from Buenos Aires blackened d-beat/crust outfit Medium, Deadly Probe’s isolate and morbid space ambient journal entry EXPEDITION n. D34D5P4C3, and the final release from Vancouver atmospheric progressive sludge juggernauts Astrakhan, Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed.

You can download the audio in the player above or listen in the embedded video below. Beneath the video are the artists we discuss in chronological order of our conversation.

Thank you for listening and your continued support. Let us know what you think of each of these records and please feel free to leave suggestions for albums we can consider for future episodes. Any feedback is also most certainly welcome.

1. Medium - Self-Titled

Genre: Blackened d-beat / Crust
Label: Self-released
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Deadly Probe - EXPEDITION n. D34D5P4C3

Genre: Dark Ambient / Space Ambient / Horror
Label: Self-released
From: Bologna, Italy
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“— Remote message reception D33TP — 

Admiral’s logbook shipping D34D5P4C3 
Download —————————————–%100 (Complete) 
2097 – 20 May: the spaceship colony left for the Alpha Centauri system, to reach the colony on the planet Alfa Centauri Bb. 
Year 2103 – November 13: The planet was reached, the settlers were awakened in the cryogenic cells, but the colony on the planet remains silent. 
Year 2103 – November 14: A strange and disturbing sound wave was detected, we sent a spaceship to verify the situation of the colony. 
Year 2103 – November 15: They are coming. They are terrible and hungry, their arrival is imminent, and we will donate our flesh for them. 
End of logbook diary 

3. Astrakhan - Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed

Genre: Sludge / Doom / Progressive / Psychedelic
Label: Self-released
From: Vancouver, British Columbia

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