Ep. 17: A Conversation with Graham of Less Than One (Unsettling, Corrosive Swells of Noise from Bedfordshire)


Graham Williams is quite a prolific producer of ambient, drone, and, at times, caustic and unsettling noise. He operates under four guises: <1, dR0ne, R0[nought], and Fencepost, each of which are distinguished by specific compositional structures and production techniques. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of interviewing Graham on FCU before and much has developed with his endeavors since. His Fencepost Reclamation Project, an open-ended remix project available to essentially any music producer, is on its fourth volume boasting 454 tracks and 227 unique artists as of this writing. He has also published a couple splits, one being between three of his own projects and the other with two sludge bands saihatsu and WREK. And at this moment, Graham is actively forging a new industrial-edged moniker with aforementioned sludge artists.

Above all of his recent work, though, Graham is in the final stages of launching his new record label, Audient Void. To inaugurate its coming into existence, he will be casting two bottles into the sea. Each will contain an identical compilation of Graham’s Lovecraft-based compositions pertaining to the author’s harrowing stories of the deep unfathomable unknown. The first will be propelled from the Holme Dunes in Norfolk. And the second will be thrown somewhere into the Atlantic. Once the pieces of glass are floating in the abyss, Audient Void will go online and with each release put out by the label will receive limited runs of physical media.

This is one of the longer conversations to be featured here, but there is much to explore in Graham’s rapidly expanding discography. He speaks about each of his monikers, delves deeper into some of his more unsettling releases, describes how music production helps him combat his PTSD, and muses about some of his favorite films. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can support Graham by following him on Bandcamp and listening to his expansive catalog there as well as on his Soundcloud. All proceeds he earns from sales on his Bandcamp are donated to Amnesty International. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this episode’s audio.

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