Ep. 23: A Conversation with Serpatus (Translucent Ambient Melodies from the Dominican Republic)


Serpatus is an electronic ambient project from the mind of Alejandro Hiraldo. Born and based in the Dominican Republic, Alejandro’s musical endeavors commenced in his later teen years. His first output was an intricately woven instrumental progressive rock album focusing intently on his guitar chops; his follow-up was in a similar vein, but he made a particular effort to be more accessible whilst simultaneously infusing some of the Dominican Republic’s rural music culture into his rock rhythms. Some years passed by, then Alejandro began composing original scores for short films. The sounds he crafted for these shorts strayed far from his rock roots, yet he managed to incorporate his guitar skills into this newfound ambient work—albeit unnoticeable to the ear. And it’s within this body of work where Serpatus was actualized. Though most of Alejandro’s compositions as this ambient moniker subsist in the films he contributed to, in early 2018, he crafted his first self-titled release—a dreamy and tantalizing swell of ambient, which was published by OldeBlock Records.

In this conversation, Alejandro discusses his love for strange and experimental music. He takes us through some of the Dominican Republic’s music scene, explains how Serpatus came to be, how he composed his beautiful self-titled album, and a good deal more. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can listen to Serpatus’s self-titled release over at the OldeBlock Records Bandcamp page. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering the audio of this conversation.

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