Celluloid Obscurities #01 – Tetsuo: The Iron Man


Celluloid Obscurities is a new podcast series where Connor, Graham Williams (<1, Fencepost, et al.), and Ryan discuss obscure films with a focus on their score. Between the three of us, Connor is perpetually sharpening his expertise of technical film set lighting as it is his day job, Graham is a film aficionado who composes reams of brooding noise and ambient soundscapes (and also crafts albums around strange, forgotten films), and Ryan just likes weird shit. This series will be relatively infrequent, but we hope it is of interest to those who enjoy unsettling films and for those who enjoy exploring the utterly strange.

For our first episode, we discuss Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a peculiar body horror, cyberpunk opus released back in 1989, written and directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, and scored by Chu Ishikawa. Mr. Ishikawa passed away in December 2017; he founded two industrial outfits Zeitlich Vergelter (some say this group was one of Japan’s earliest industrial outfits) and Der Eisenrost. May he rest in forever lasting peace.

Thank you so much for listening. Please feel free to leave a comment describing your thoughts or sentiments on this film, providing constructive criticism, just to say hello, or really, whatever you like. Episode two will be up in due time.

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All of the music gurgling beneath our words come from Graham’s various experimental projects; you can listen to the episode’s intro track, “Ersatz_pt. 1”, here. You can also download all of Graham’s music for free over at his Bandcamp page.

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