Ep. 25: A Conversation with Scott Lawlor (Glistening, Moving Ambient Drones from Texas)


Scott Lawlor is a seasoned ambient artist based in Texas. His sprawl of musical experimentation has deeply perforated auditory realms such as dark ambient, lighter ambient, dronescapes, classical piano works, noise, and a sundry of styles more. Where his interest in music began at a young age, Scott’s early tinkerings involved tape manipulations, warping vinyl speeds, and crafting sound collages of already existing songs. It was during Scott’s short time as a graduate student that he acquired his first professional keyboard, which he soon thereafter schlepped across Akron, Ohio playing local coffee shops to their caffeinated denizens. This endured a short while and in 1999, he took an extended hiatus from performing and composing until 2013. When he re-entered the sonic fold; however, he left the live performances behind and focused intently on contributing songs to compilations as well as generating his own albums. In just the past five years since his return, Scott has poured out well over 200 albums on his personal Bandcamp. And this does not even include his various releases across net labels.

In this conversation, Scott takes us back to his earliest years when he exhibited interest in music. He speaks about acquiring his first keyboard, performing in local coffee shops, taking an extended break from producing music, and how he has been churning out innumerable albums over the past five years. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Scott’s gargantuan discography over at his Bandcamp page. He has also released a number of albums through other labels on Bandcamp and around the web, some specific ones to note include: The Fog with Rebekkah Hilgraves on Aural Films, Show Me the Glint of Light on Studio 4632, Polar Isolation on earthMANTRA, and Into the Eternal Darkness on Nostress Netlabel.

Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this conversation’s audio.

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