Ep. 39: A Conversation with Noisechrist (Harrowing, Minimalist Harsh Noise from Texas)


Noisechrist is a nascent, albeit flourishing, harsh noise project from North Texas denizen, Aaron Kirby. Brought into existence mere months ago in July 2018, Aaron embarked on this endeavor to journey into aural terrains not traversed by his solo black metal project, Ascending King, and his unnerving drone outfit, Thief On The Cross. At the same time, wandering into this unmarked tundra as Noisechrist allowed Aaron to bask in themes and concepts of genuine intrigue that were unsuitable for his aforementioned projects. The paranormal, apparitions, conspiracies; his mind could run rampant, distilling these interests down into pure, raw energy.

His first album and tape, Apparition, released via Burning Stake, was thirty minutes of curdling harsh noise partitioned into two untitled tracks. Then came a split with Lolipoop, where Aaron crafted three sanity splintering tracks. This splintering of sanity, or alternatively articulated as threads of insanity intermittently protruding throughout his towers of noise, is a core element to his minimalist sound. When listening to his compositions, Aaron wants listeners to question exactly what they are hearing beyond the humming abyss of scathing frequencies, be it via an eerie creak or some malefic convulsion. This has permeated his fledgling discography, and in a soon to be released split with Michigan-based Worm Monolith, he descends deeper into abhorrent catacombs to engulf listeners in utter despair.

In this conversation, Aaron discusses his early career in music. He speaks about his old metalcore band, Dryline, and how after its dissolution in the late aughts and a rather long spell of not producing music thereafter, the itch to create music began to unfurl upon his flesh. He discusses his development in musical tastes toward more extreme metal, as exhibited by his black metal project, and then he delves into the origin of Noisechrist, taking us from his first experience of listening to harsh noise wall and how he began producing it. Thank you so much for listening.

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In addition to the hyperlinks sprinkled above, you can follow Aaron as Noisechrist on Instagram to stay up to date on new project developments. The split release with Worm Monolith still has no date, but you can anticipate hearing it before the end of 2018.

Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this conversation’s audio.

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