Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 21 (Burn Ritual, Jeton Hoxha, Mortal Wound)


In episode twenty-one, we caravan across the pyramid pocked planes through billows of weed smoke in the stoner rock quartet Burn Ritual’s debut LP, Blood of the Raven. We immerse ourselves in the droning dark ambient abyss of Jeton Hoxha’s VOWEL and reflect upon our distortion of memories. And we frenetically fumble through the humid, war torn jungles of Vietnam in Forms of Unreasoning Fear, the demo from Los Angeles death metallers, Mortal Wound.

Thank you so much for listening. Let us know what you think about each of these records down below and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes.

1. Burn Ritual - Blood of the Raven

Genre: Stoner rock, Doom metal, Psychedelic
Label: Cursed Monk Records
From: San Antonio, Texas

2. Jeton Hoxha - VOWEL

Genre: Dark ambient, Drone
Label: Eighth Tower Records
From: Republic of Macedonia

3. Mortal Wound - Forms of Unreasoning Fear

Genre: Death metal
Label: Maggot Stomp
From: Los Angeles, CA

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