Ep. 7: A Conversation with Throat Breach (Midwestern sludgy grindcore)


Throat Breach is a Midwestern sludgy grindcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. Helmed by Ian Turpin, this band was once a solo endeavor operating under the veil of Napalm Meth. The project started in part as a joke, but it mostly served as a sonic vessel for Ian to test his capabilities as a grindcore musician. He later fleshed the band out, adding drummer Frazier to the project. They played a number of shows, just the two of them,  before recruiting Ethan, their bassist. And ever since, the tar-soaked outfit has been vomiting out track after track of completely vile grind. In their local scene where few of these bands exist, Throat Breach have carved themselves out a pound of rotting flesh. Many of their songs are so utterly malignant and drowned in layers of filth and grime, but they know how to slow it down to a churn and deliver bone mangling grooves.

Album artwork for an unnamed, upcoming release

In this conversation, Ian discusses the origin of Napalm Meth and how it evolved into Throat Breach, his musical background and his influences, the slough of shows the band has played thus far, how songs are written, and a great deal more. Thank you for listening to the conversation and giving Ian as well as Throat Breach your attention.

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You can support Throat Breach by listening and downloading their myriad of tracks over at their Bandcamp page. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on new tracks as they spill out (which is quite frequent).

And a huge thank you to Kyle over at Ash & Dust Studio for helping me significantly improve this conversation’s audio quality.

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