Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 3 (Moloch Conspiracy, Nekomata, Dishonour)


In this third episode of Voices From Corners Unknown, Connor and Ryan discuss the full-length debut of French dark ambient composer Moloch Conspiracy, the second offering of the quirky yet heavy noise rock/doom/drone two-piece Nekomata, and the solo instrumental progressive metal artist, Dishonour, from Japan.

Thank you so much for listening and your continued support. Let us know if you enjoy any or all of these records per our discussion.

1. Moloch Conspiracy - The Burned Temple

Genre: Dark Ambient / Ritual Ambient
Label: Cephalopagus Records
From: France
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“The Burned Temple by Moloch Conspiracy tells of the hidden rites of the old Gods of Persia, through different eras. Despite the burning of the sacred temple, and the murder of most of the sect, the disciples still perform their blasphemous rites to the old gods. The tracks describe the characters, the settings and stories of revenge and conspiracy through time, and the efforts to seize and regain power.”

2. Nekomata - Zealotry For the Modern Age

Genre: Alternative / Grunge / Doom / Sludge / Noise Rock
Label: Self-released
From: Kalamazoo, Michigan

3. Dishonour - SFC

Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent / Instrumental
Label: Self-released
From: Tokyo, Japan
Album Description (per the artist’s page):

“[2016 SFC, Don’t Look Back] + 2 new track [2017 sin, obsession]

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