Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 11 (Sectioned, Psionic Asylum, KENOS)


In episode eleven we discuss the unsane chaos that is Sectioned’s debut LP, Annihilated, the deeply unsettling, near-death revelry of Deathscapes from Psionic Asylum, and the latest album of obliterating riffage from Italy’s long-standing death metal quartet, KENOS.

Thank you for so much for listening and your continued support. Let us know what you think of each of these albums down below and please feel free to leave us recommendations or notes about new albums you think we should cover.

1. Sectioned - Annihilated

Genre: Mathcore / Beatdown / Noise
Label: Self-released
From: Edinburgh, U.K.


2. Psionic Asylum - Deathscapes

Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone
Label: Self-released
From: Western Siberia
Album Description (per Psionic Asylum’s Bandcamp):

“The album is dedicated to surrealistic visions of death and dying. It tells about the visions of dying through the distorted prism of a decaying consciousness.”


3. KENOS - Pest

Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
From: Busto Arsizio, Italy
Album Description (per KENOS’s Bandcamp):

“KENOS, one of Italy’s most intransigent Death Metal bands, is back with a new devastating release, a concentrate of violent Death Metal, a real blow in the face, for sure the most furious, fast and aggressive piece of music the band has conceived.”

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