Review: Sabled Sun – Signals IV

Sabled Sun is a project by Simon Heath (also known as Atrium Carceri). The Signals series is another perspective for Simon’s ongoing 21XX tale, a cinematic dark ambient series of a lone man traversing a post-apocalyptic world seemingly vacant of all human life after he awakens from a cryogenic slumber. Where the 21XX series takes place on the surface of this ruinous planet, the Signals series floats in its atmosphere, observing the protagonist’s journey through the infinite void among the stars.

In Signals IV, an ominous drone bellows and swirls amidst a cacophony of mechanical whirrs. These foreign robotic buzzes flow across the vast space, twisting into cryptic chirps and reverberations as the protagonist seeks his fleeting signal of hope. Exposing itself within the cold dense waves of static, a beacon flickers in seemingly every direction. Confused and alone, he wanders closer toward the warm glow only to have it fade and burn brighter somewhere further in the distance. The resounding mechanical waves ebb to reveal the vacuous space, howling louder with each tumultuous tide. In these claustrophobic moments, the cosmos bear their indifference upon the protagonist, reminding him of the life he once lived and the barren planet surface he will forever inhabit. The blinking signal fails to echo its location and the low hum of his breath palpitates quietly inside the vacuum. As the cycle repeats, the tide swells to shroud his sense of direction and his trembling respiration is swallowed by the void. He forges ahead, with the shimmering beacon beckoning him to continue his aimless journey.


Listen to Signals IV above; purchase the record here.

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