Noctilucant’s ‘A New Terror Born in Death’ (FCU005) Now Available

A New Terror Born in Death is the latest opus from the atmospheric dark ambient doom bearer, Noctilucant (Joseph Mlodik). Where Joe has been carving out a niche in the dark ambient community with his foreboding cinematic compositions for several years, he brings us a new near hour-long seamless drone piece. Segmented into two halves, A New Terror Born in Death lulls you into a morbid trance as it entrenches you amidst the decaying architecture of a pallid planet.

While this album does not carry forward the post-apocalyptic story Noctilucant has crafted in his releases Back to the Mud, Oblivion to You All, and Bleak and Drained of Colour, A New Terror Born in Death offers a wayward wandering across ashen-coated fields of grass and derelict asphalt architecture, pockmarked by still-life moments of blissful serenity.

This cassette release is limited to 30 hand-numbered copies. It is professionally duplicated and the cassette shells are imprinted with Noctilucant’s logo on either side. Orders also come with a custom From Corners Unknown sticker.

You can stream A New Terror Born in Death to your heart’s content in the embedded player above or you can stream it on the From Corners Unknown Records Bandcamp page. Digital purchases cost $1.

Noctilucant's 'A New Terror Born in Death' Cassette

A New Terror Born in Death credits:

Joseph Mlodik is Noctilucant: Black atmospheric madness, piano, Tibetan singing bowl, field recordings, wind chimes, percussion, and voice.

Mastering by Alessio Antoni/NERATERRÆ 

Artwork and photos by Joseph Mlodik 

Layout by Joseph Mlodik

Cassette Layout by Andrew Stephens

* * * * * *

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