#110 | Album Reviews | Misþyrming, Ossuary, Lord Dying, Firelink


It has been a minute since we published our last album review cluster podcast, but after wrangling our respective schedules, we are back to discuss another four recently released metal cuts. We decided to drop the word “brief” from the series title as we spend more than a mere handful of minutes on each album; hence the simplified title “Album Reviews” (not to be confused with our “Album Review” episodes where we focus on one record for each).

In this episode, we cast ourselves into the icy throes of Misþyrming’s sophomore LP, Algleymi; we asphyxiate in the murk of Ossuary’s death-doom revelry entombed in their second EP, Supreme Degradation; we soar and spiral atop the mysterious landscapes conjured on Lord Dying’s conceptual LP, Mysterium Tremendum; and we bask in the flickering ember hues of the Dark Souls-inspired progressive black metal outfit, Firelink.

Below you will find some high level detail about each artist. Bandcamp embeds are provided for each album we discuss so you can peruse them if they intrigue you. Links are provided for each band’s social media accounts too. Artist detail is provided in the order they appear in the episode and the timestamps next to each album indicate the approximate moment we begin discussing said album.

Thank you so much for listening. Let us know what you think about these records and if you have some suggestions for us to consider, please feel free to pass them along via email (fromcornersunknown@gmail.com) or contact us via our various social media accounts. Our next episode should be ready by the end of August!

1. Misþyrming Algleymi (06:42)

Genre: Black Metal
Label: NoEvDia
From: Iceland

2. Ossuary Supreme Degradation (31:27)

Genre: Deathdoom
Label: Darkness Shall Rise Productions
From: Wisconsin

3. Lord Dying Mysterium Tremendum (42:53)

Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge Metal / Progressive
Label: Entertainment One
From: Portland, OR

4. Firelink The Inveterate Fire (1:06:10)

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Progressive
Label: Self-released
From: Atlanta, GA

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