#112 | Discussion | Fire in the Mountains Festival 2019


In mid-July of 2019, Connor and I set out on a rather long road trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to catch this year’s Fire in the Mountains festival at Heart Six Ranch. I had the pleasure of attending this festival last year with another close friend of mine; however, they moved back to New York earlier this year, and thus, I decided to subject Connor to the arduous 14-hour schlep from Portland out to the festival grounds.

A bison (that I named Nemo) we encountered at Yellowstone.

This podcast episode is our most unstructured and free-form to date; we prepared no notes. Our goal is to recount and crystallize the days leading up to the festival, the bands that played at the festival, as well as the return trek. A myriad of small, entertaining moments pockmarked our journey and we made our best effort to capture these in audio form. From blasting bangers that had their heyday in the early aughts to gas station taquitos, there was seldom a dry moment (save the depraved return trip where Connor and I were so gassed from the journey that we barely recall what we spoke about). Ultimately, we don’t provide provide a detailed analysis of each band that played at the festival. This is due, in part, to us recording this episode three weeks after the festival transpired. Regardless, we do hope you enjoy this small aside from us. Thank you so much for listening.

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