#116 | Album Reviews | Disentomb, Batushka, Krzysztof Drabikowski, Skáphe + Wormlust


Welcome back to another album reviews podcast episode where Tim and Ryan chat and dissect about four relatively disparate sonic bludgeonings. In this one, we melt into the musty auras channeled from the brutal death metal quartet, Disentomb, and their latest offering, The Decaying Light. Tim elucidates the Batushka controversy that has been rather prevalent in recent months, even though it transpired back in 2018. Regardless, we undertake the effort to settle the debate pertaining to the better record of the two projects Batushka, which Tim aptly calls Bartushka, and Krzysztof Drabikowski (spoiler: we were both much fonder of Krzysztof’s solo record). And we close out the review with our most favorite record of the bunch, Kosmískur hryllingur (Icelandic for ‘Comic horror’), the monolithic and terrifying psychedelic black metal collaboration between Skáphe and Wormlust.

Below you will find some cursory high-level detail about each band and album we discuss. Social media links are provided for each outfit. Bandcamp embed links are also provided in case you’d like to sample the sounds being discussed. Additionally, we have listed the approximate time stamp for when we begin reviewing a particular album, just in case you prefer to hear that review and not the others.

We do hope you enjoy this episode as it was a sincere pleasure for us to undertake. As always, let us know what you think of each of these records and please feel free to pass along any newer records you’d be interested in hearing us hash out.

1. Disentomb The Decaying Light (25:15)

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: EVP Recordings & Unique Leader Records
From: Brisbane, Australia

2. Batushka Hospodi (52:02)

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
From: Poland

3. Krzysztof Drabikowski Панихида (1:15:26)

Genre: Black Metal / Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Self-released
From: Poland

4. Skáphe + Wormlust Kosmískur hryllingur (1:46:10)


Genre: Psychedelic Black Metal
Label: Mystískaos
From: Iceland

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