#115 | EP Review | Wazzara – Zessa


Wazzara, old High German for ‘the waterborn’, is a fresh solo endeavor from Zurich/Switzerland-based artist, Barbara Brawand. Formerly the lead vocalist of the gothic folk project Caladmor, Barbara founded wazzara back in 2015 with an insatiable desire to articulate her fascination and kinship with the poetic nature of water. And after nearly four years of work, she makes her debut with the EP titled zessa.

An immediately striking quality about zessa is the harmonious blend of ambient textures that trickle like a babbling brook in a patch of forest long untouched. This is promulgated by baritone string arrangements that conjure a keen sense of Waldeinsamkeit. Acoustic melodies percolate with effervescence, washing over each instrument as Barbara croons. And to steep each composition in gnarled tendrils of weathered branches and roots, black metal-tinged riffs often sprawl. Amidst these skyward stretching pallisades, bogs of doom reside. Still they rest under the wan pallor of the moon’s radiance. Zessa comes together like an enchanting mist delicately strewn about a world long forgotten. We sincerely hope you enjoy this briefer dissection of Barbara’s debut EP. Thank you so much for listening.

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Zessa is out on Wazzara’s Bandcamp page August 31, 2019. In addition to perusing her tunes on Bandcamp, follow her on Facebook and her project’s website to stay in the loop on new developments from Barbara. She recently posted a video on her Facebook showcasing an acoustic rendition of the track “Out of the Swamp (I’ll Rise)”.

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