#180 | Track Reviews | Evaporated Sores, Quaranteam, Sprain, Goratory, Quarentimes Compilation (Super Thief, GRIZZLOR, bbigpigg), and An Albatross


Hey there everyone, this week we bring to you yet another track reviews episode! Ryan, Derek, and I select various new singles, EPs, splits, and the like, and then rant about our selections while going on wild diatribes.

This time around we get dragged into the noisy dust pit caused by Evaporated Sores’ “Claimed by Inertia”. The harsh noise-infused death metal takes your arm, bends it back, and snaps it like some kindling. That arm flesh kindling is then thrown into the fire with abrasive riffs, bits of doom metal, and squawks of feedback. This track will leave you scorched but wanting more! I even imagined a derelict dude in the forest doing peculiar things (nothing unusual for the brain of Connor).

Batting next is Quaranteam’s debut EP Coward Cocoon. This is a fun little groovy banger with only bass, vocals, and drums. We were stunned on how awesome a bass leading the riff assault could be. Each short track delivers a catchy groove to jam to while maintaining the heft. There’s also a track that opens with a magnificent sample from the movie Sling Blade with an accompanying puppet music video. We don’t got no god damn guitar Randy! At least some stupendous stuff comes out of being stuck at home.

We bring the tempo down to a simmer with Sprain’s “Constant Hum”. This alternative noise rock track is like nothing we’ve ever covered before. It’s slow and noisy but full of emotion; at times I felt as if I was wandering through the high deserts of southern California. The melancholic dazed instrumentals brought up old memories and times of personal strife for us. Moments of beauty are contrasted with constant noise to create a landscape that one cannot help but reflect on. This track had me instantly checking out Sprain’s backlog.

If you want some crude graphic imagery in your life, then look no further! The brutal death metal band Goratory returns after many years with the track “I Shit Your Pants”. We found the lyrics to be absolutely disgusting yet utterly hilarious. The music itself is full of technical skill and crushing energy (also, the first time I’ve listened to something with pig squeals in awhile). The album artwork for their upcoming LP Sour Grapes is something worth scanning closely. We all look forward to reading the lyrics for the rest of this release down the road!

“Quarantimes / time for you to not go out into the world / I know who I want to listen to at home.” Alright, enough with the bad quarantine parody of Semisonic’s Closing Time. Quarantimes, Vol. 1 is actually a compilation album produced by Learning Curve Records. It’s full of noise rock awesomeness! The proceeds go to the National Independent Venue Association (because we want to fucking see live music at our favorite venues when this is all over).

I decided to pick out three of my favorite Quarentimes tracks for us to talk about. First is Super Thief’s “Dale Gribble”, mostly because I recently binged through every season of King of the Hill. It’s a frantic ramble about Alex Jones and his insane conspiracy theories. The next track is from one of my noise rock favorites, Grizzlor. Their song “Playing Shows Blows” is witty and hilarious. I feel like many musicians can relate to it too. The last banger chosen was bbigpigg’s “Baby Boom”. This one was just upbeat and fun with a brain worm of a chorus. I do recommend checking out the other ten tracks on this compilation too!

The final release that we talk about is another long-awaited comeback by psyche-noise avant-punk band An Albatross with Return of the Lazer Viking. Being only slightly familiar with this outfit, we were all stunned by the insanity they bring. Indescribable wacky instrumentals are accented with funky synths and psychotic vocals, yet we found the madness to be clinically well-crafted and in-sync. Your mind will most likely be transported to somewhere odd.

Below you will find Bandcamp embed links to peruse each track, EP, or compilation discussed in this episode, in order of discussion. Social media links are also provided if you’d like to stay in the loop about new developments from the bands. Thank you so much for tuning in, and please feel free to reach out to us with fresh tracks, EPs, splits, or compilations to consider for a future episode!

1. Evaporated Sores - "Claimed by Inertia"

Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Genre: Death metal / Harsh noise
From: Mississippi / Alabama / Oregon

2. Quaranteam - Coward Cocoon

Label: Self-released
Genre: Sludge rock / Doom / Grindcore
From: Barre, Vermont

3. Sprain - "Constant Hum"

Label: The Flenser
Genre: Alternative / Noise rock
From: Los Angeles, CA

4. Goratory - "I Shit Your Pants"

Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Genre: Technical/Brutal death metal
From: Boston, MA

5. Quarentimes, Vol. I - "Dale Gribble" (Super Thief), "PLAYING SHOWS BLOWS" (GRIZZLOR), and "Baby Boom" (bbigpigg)

Label: Learning Curve Records
Genre: Noise rock
From: Minneapolis, MN

6. An Albatross - Return of the Lazer Viking

Label: Self-released
Genre: Avant-noise punk
From: Philadelphia, PA

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You can snag digital copies of each track, EP, or compilation by visiting the hyperlinks to each label’s respective Bandcamp page provided above.

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