From Corners Unknown Compilation, Vol. I Now Available

From Corners Unknown Compilation Volume 1 is here! After three months of seemingly endless emails, we have finally pulled together our list of phenomenal artists and bands from across Bandcamp. To keep this brief, this compilation features 68 songs spread across 6 different genres. It should be noted that “genre” is used loosely here as so many of these artists transcend the confines of any particular genre descriptor.

The compilation is organized by genre; each one is assigned a letter A through F. Within each genre, the artists are listed alphabetically by project name. Below is a list of genres and their respective letter assignments:

A. Dark Ambient
B. Doom Metal
C. Black Metal
D. Grindcore
E. Drone, Experimental, Avant Garde
F. Hardcore

The tracks contained herein include a mix of songs from albums already released, unreleased material that never made it onto a final EP/LP, as well as some made exclusively for this compilation.

The compilation is set at “name your price” on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, OR—a non-profit organization that rehabilitates birds of prey.

A huge, immense, gargantuan thank you to every artist who contributed to this hefty compilationit would not have been possible without your kindness and support. Thank you to Ryan Brady for the astounding and ethereal artwork. And thank you to everyone who listens to all (or some) of these tracks, supports the website, and most importantly, gives these bands their time and attention. The full list of the artists featured on this compilation can be perused below.

Side A is a brooding miasma of dark ambient.

A1. Code Neda

Song Contributed: Blood on Your Hands

From: Karlsruhe, Germany

Project Description: “CodeNeda is a project of Michel Götting that has resulted from outward circumstances. Violence, war and death to determine the age of enlightenment in our time. As regular visitors to interact with Markus Kropfreiter of Drape Excrements and Art Konkret.”

A2. <1

Song Contributed: Mycelium, Pt. 1

From: U.K.

Project Description:

  • 1999-2003 Leeds – Leeds Music College & Vector Collective, releases on Fencing flatworm, OTO, Trademarkerd Industries & Evelyn Records.
  • 2003-2006 London – Releases on Evelyn Records.
  • 2006 – 2014 Hiatus
  • 2014 – Present <1 et al. projects released via Bandcamp.

A3. Metalique

Song Contributed: Lamashtu

From: Portugal

Project Description: “I do experimental.”

A4. //mKnoise

Song Contributed: Everything Has Come Full Circle

From: Austria

Project Description: “Musique non concrète.
Experiments on electronic tunes.”

A5. Moloch Conspiracy

Song Contributed: Baal Sacrifice

From: France

Project Description: “Moloch Conspiracy is a dark ambient music project run since 2017.”

A6. Nadeshda

Song Contributed: Growling Low of Dark Secret Places

From: Linz, Austria

Project Description: “I do not limit this project to any genre… Life ends… Always…”


Song Contributed: Deeper Down

From: Italy

Project Description: “NERATERRÆ is an eerie and deep drone ambient / dark ambient music project run by Alessio Antoni. It was started back in 2009 under the former name NHART.”

A8. Niculta

Song Contributed: Cold Insomnia

From: Italy

Project Description: “The Niculta project was born at the end of 2014 from Nico Döring from Germany, an electronic musician since 1994. He was looking for a project, where he could put in all the darkness he was surrounded from. So the Niculta project became more and more a therapeutic way to stay balanced and calmed and being able to enjoy a simple and wonderful living. He often finds ways to express what’s in his mind through Dark Ambient soundscapes, haunting rhythms or simple 4 to 4 beats with driving atmospheres. His music is influenced by almost two decades of electronic music.”

A9. Noctilucant

Song Contributed: Threnody of the End

From: Milwaukee, WI

Project Description: “Noctilucant is a dark ambient project willed into this world by one J. Mlodik in July of 2015.

Originally initiated as a dark
 cinematic entity exploring themes of ruin, loss, and despair during an age of ruin; the project has also dove deep into the unknown ocean depths, meandered through unfathomable nightmares, dabbled in soundtrack work and taken listeners to completely unidentifiable realms

A10. Sana Obruent

Song Contributed: Sagami Bay

From: Somewhere in California

Project Description: “Verum musicum (by Erik Satie)

Qui proficit in sapientia … … clara est et didicit carere

sacrificia magna etparatus sit ad sacrificia ingenti … …

si dici potest sua industria … est ingenti …

… In certamen paratum est ad honestatem et ipse pugnabit is ...”

A11. Scattered Lodges

Song Contributed: The Alpine Chorus

From: Wichita, KS

Project Description: “Cinematic ambient/drone from Kansas.”

A12. Urs Wild

Song Contributed: The Sound of the Void

From: Switzerland

Project Description: “Urs Wild is a swiss producer, of mainly electronic music, for over twenty years. His passion includes all variations of Ambient music and further Techno, Electronica and Drum’n’Bass. On July 22nd 2017, his first Dark Ambient album “Hidden Universe” was released by Eighth Tower Records. It received positive critique through reviews and listeners alike.”

A13. Zalys

Song Contributed: Out of Time

From: France

Project Description: “Electronic / Dark Ambient / Drone

Highly influenced by futuristic, sci-fi, space and post- apocalyptic themes.

All the releases are concept albums with a unique atmosphere. It can be dark, orchestral or electronic. You will always be stuck in the coldness and wonders of space.”

Side B harbors a myriad of doom metal and its bleak variants.

B1. Abysmal Growls of Despair

Song Contributed: Trying To Avoid Manking But Falling Into Madness

From: France

Project Description: “Minimalist, ancestral, ambient, overwhelming.”

B2. Ancestral Vision

Song Contributed: Anšar Kišar

From: Italy

Project Description: “Ancestral Vision is a newborn project of Warrior (Aisna, Stige). It is a mixture of experimental death metal, doom metal, noise and atmospheric music. The first full length, Akitu, is a death/doomish noise metal with vocals and lyrics written in ancient Babylonian/Cccadian language, taken from the ancient Enuma Elish text, the oldest story concerning the birth of the gods and the creation of the universe. The title of the album is the ancient new year festival in Mesopotamia, where it was recited the ancient poem.  The project is influenced by themes of ancient cultures, religions, and prehistoric behaviours.”

B3. Apotelesma

Song Contributed: Remnants

From: Netherlands

Project Description: “Apotelesma (formerly known as Monuments) is a doom metal band from the Netherlands. Formed in January 2012, we are a five-headed formation exploring the darker regions of metal, without a fixed style in mind. Our lyrical concepts revolve around nature and esotericism.”

B4. Gaul

Song Contributed: Passages

From: Gainesville, FL

Project Description: “Blackened doom.”

B5. Goryl

Song Contributed: Snakes

From: Tennessee

Project Description: “A line of poetry written with a splash of blood – a sonic reminder that you will suffer many hardships and adversities, but you will not die until the day appointed for you doom. Through the light of shaman’s torch, the snake and this sonic reminder seem to be your only signs for survival.”

B6. L.o.W

Song Contributed: Tear Me Open

From: Szczecin, Poland

Project Description: “Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal band from Poland.”

B7. LaColpa

Song Contributed: Scars

From: Alessandria, Italy

Project Description: “Acting against moral norms. Sin. No limitations. No restrictions. No atonement. Guilty. All.”

B8. Midmourner

Song Contributed: A Year We’ve Filled With Empty

From: Birmingham, AL

Project Description: “Subterranean Dopesick Blues.”

B9. Plague of Carcosa

Song Contributed: Rats In The Walls

From: Chicago, IL

Project Description: “The plague will spread throughout this realm. Starting within the darkest corners of Chicago, the cult began to write invocations of the Old Ones in the summer of 2016, and as more members have joined, the sound changed from ethereal drone to dark, fuzz soaked doom. Nods to Lovecraft, Chambers, pour out through the amplifiers and tug at the minds of mortals. This disease, this Plague of Carcosa, is spreading beyond your world.”

B10. REA

Song Contributed: Odos-Ou

From: Terni, Italy

Project Description: “REA is an italian slow-core band from Terni, Italy. Formed in 2017, the band was founded by 
Luca Bagnara (lead vocals, bass), Federico D’isanto (lead guitar), Simone Camiciola (drums). Their music is noisy dissonant melodies and obssessive rythms: 
screaming uncomfortable and unpopular issues, 
with references to classical and modern culture

B11. Talsur

Song Contributed: Barely Breathing

From: Russia

Project Description: “One-man doom metal band. Formed in October 2015. Lyrical themes – loneliness, despair, hopelessness. Each album is different from the previous one. The first two – atmospheric doom, the third – stoner doom, the fourth is funeral doom. And the fifth may be anything else, who knows. Talsur has no any videoclips or concerts. Just music, just doom. One man against the world.”

Side C contains wintry and unrelenting howls of black metal.

C1. Aisna

Song Contributed: La Via degli Dei

From: Italy

Project Description: “Aisna is a black metal one-man band influenced by Etruscan culture. It was originally a neofolk project based on natural themes and released two demos recorded in a natural environment on vinyl CDr in 2015 and 2017. In 2017 Aisna absorbed the black metal project Februus, which released a demo called “Sacnisa” on Masked Dead Records (on MCD) and Defiled Light (on tape). “Sacnisa” was re-released on Xenoglossy Productions under the Aisna moniker in July 2017. In October 2017, Aisna released a split CD with the black metal noise band, Batrakos. They lyrics are written in Italian and ancient Etruscan language.”

C2. Astrum Malum

Song Contributed: Curia Sancti Sepulcri

From: Helsinki, Finland

Project Description: “Astrum Malum is my Doom-oriented and slightly Industrial influenced Blackened band, with lyrics dealing with the pitfalls of Western civilization on a personal and societal level, with themes of philosophy, psychology, religions and myths in there as well. The lyrics are translated from my English into classical Latin by my good Polish friend Andy, who also does some of the vocals.”

C3. Bloodbark

Song Contributed: Eyeless Winter

From: Unknown

Project Description: “Atmospheric black metal.”

C4. Erebos

Song Contributed: Halls of Mandos

From: Poland

Project Description: “Solo project of Erebos (Srogość, Narrenshyff) which was born in the winter of 2016. It’s a tribute to John R. R. Tolkien life’s work of which Erebos is a long-time enthusiast.”

C5. Huszar

Song Contributed: Providencia IV – De Los Cometas En Llamas Hicimos Vuestro Culto

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project Description: “One-man Post Black Metal/Blackgaze band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 2015.”

C6. Inner Suffering

Song Contributed: Forever Pessimist

From: Ukraine

Project Description: “Endless suffering.”

C7. Lóstregos

Song Contributed: Ceives das Impías Cruces

From: A Coruña, Spain

Project Description: “Pagan black metal.”

C8. Manharana

Song Contributed: Architect Of Dreams

From: Helsinki, Finland

Project Description: “Metaphysical Metal of Annihilation.”

C9. Sguaguarahchristis

Song Contributed: Visionary Wanderer

From: Italy

Project Description: “Arcane sidereal black metal.”

C10. Terrestrial Chaos

Song Contributed: Sanity Counterpart

From: Bratislava, Slovakia

Project Description: “Once upon a time when dark clouds flooded the heavens and skies started to bleed, the depths of pure chaos spit out four demons to bring their empire to this world.”

C11. Tired Lord

Song Contributed: Writhe

From: San Francisco, CA

Project Description: “Sludgy, atmospheric, blackened death.”

Side D features mounds of filthy riffs and unhinged vocals.

D1. Barren of Shape

Song Contributed: Solipsism

From: Belgium

Project Description: “Bringing the funk back to sludge.”

D2. Bled To Submission

Song Contributed: Of Blood And Bile

From: Nashville, TN

Project Description: “Experimental Sludge Grind from middle TN. Bringing together the blistering speed and filth of grindcore with the thick march of sludge and doom, creating one of the most unique metal bands in the South.”

D3. Decline

Song Contributed: Peripheral

From: Pelham, Ontario

Project Description: “Dissonant hate metal from the Niagara region.”

D4. Fentanyl Surprise

Song Contributed: Contaminated Drinking Water

From: U.S.

Project Description: “TWO-PIECE GORE.”

D5. Hacksaw

Song Contributed: Totem of Scalps

From: Glasgow, U.K.

Project Description: “A blast beat filled grinding tribute to the Giallo gorefests and Fulci horror romps that make the genre what it is.”

D6. MouthBreather

Song Contributed: Tourniquet

From: Lowell, MA

Project Description: “MouthBreather is an Experimental Hardcore band formed in December of 2015. Based out of Lowell, MA, the group is comprised of Ryan (age 26, Guitars), Anthony (age 24, Vocals), Nick (age 26, Percussion). They have released a sample of their music on Pig, available on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.”

D7. Shroud

Song Contributed: Lung Roast

From: Massachusetts

Project Description: “At some point you became a husk, you realized you are unimportant. Life is advertisements and complaints from everything and everyone that means nothing to you,interrupted occasionally with fleeting moments of relief and release. They are never enough. Constantly stuck in the tug of war between logic and emotion, pulled as if you were roped between two horses. You are always stretched too thin and never in the right place. There is nothing worthwhile except shedding your humanity and baring your inner wretch for the world to see.

Always speak your mind. Never settle.”


Song Contributed: Mosquito Massacre

From: Imola, Italy

Project Description: “Rumore 100% D.I.Y.”

D9. Slund

Song Contributed: Not What I’m Not

From: Slovenia

Project Description: “Slund is a one-man Sludgecore/Powerviolence band by R. Igor Mortis a.k.a. Igor McSlund a.k.a. Slundor a.k.a. El Slundo a.k.a. Slundy Slund And The Funky Bunch.”


Song Contributed: Gonzo at the Bohemian Grove

From: New Orleans, LA

Project Description: “The title of SOUNDING’s debut record is most apt in what you will receive when you listen to it: a massive fucking burr hole in your skull. Trepanation is fifteen minutes of hardcore punk, chaotic grindcore; a gravel blast of noise. The vocals screech at frequencies so loud, words become static. Through the fusillade of double kicks and blast beats, the wails of distortion, the mucky bass, you will remain forever disoriented in your understanding of harsh music. These guys transcend the sonic limits of brutality.”

D11. Throat Breach

Song Contributed: Shattered Orbital Bones

From: Kansas City, MO

Project Description: “Boiling, tar soaked, sludgy grindcore from the Midwest cesspool.”


Song Contributed: Dipsomanie Funeste

From: Fribourg, Switzerland

Project Description: “Ultra harsh grindcore.”

D13. Whelm

Song Contributed: Penitence

From: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description: “Los Angeles. Heavy band.”


Song Contributed: Spazz Isn’t Dead

From: Angoulême, France

Project Description: “The band was created in 2004/2005 with the aim of doing grinding stuff, that’s it! YATTAÏ plays hard-boiled grindcore : fast and furious stuff with lot of influences taken from crust and death metal, to post-core and doom.”

Side E is an all-consuming tide of drone and avant-garde soundscapes.

E1. Ad Marginem

Song Contributed: Can’t Sleep

From: Russia

Project Description: “Abstract avant-garde sounds from Russia.”

E2. Bleach For The Stars

Song Contributed: Slugs Aren’t Dangerous

From: Harwich, U.K.

Project Description: “Grotesque rhythmic industrial. Avant-garde noise-poetry. Harrowing psychobiographical dark ambient. Life, and the times in between.”

E3. Catacombed

Song Contributed: Cave of Necromancy

From: France

Project Description: “There are some things in our world, which must rest for eternity. But sometimes, in the deepest caves of the earth, where no light shines. There is a sound that echoes under the stones and wakes our nightmares.”

E4. Children of the Greyscale Rainbow

Song Contributed: DAWN

From: Otago, New Zealand

Project Description: “???”

E5. Draconian Temple

Song Contributed:  Translucid Earth Sediments

From: Mönchengladbach, Germany

Project Description: “One-man drone project.”

E6. Evolverman

Song Contributed: Vigilant for the Dawn of Signs

From: Dublin, Ireland

Project Description: “Evolverman is a solo project launched early 2016. In parts ambient, post-rock and neoclassical. 

Evolverman is also a member of the Mangled Music Collective

E7. Horned Goddess

Song Contributed: Vinterns gudinna

From: Svensgöl, Sweden

Project Description: “Northern drone doom.”

E8. Leonard Donat

Song Contributed: Escarpment Fells

From: Königs Wusterhausen, Germany

Project Description: “Drone/ambient project from the mind of Alexander Donat (Vlimmer, Fir Cone Children, Blackjack Illuminist Records).”

E9. phonux

Song Contributed: Neurologie, Teil 1

From: Tyrol, Austria

Project Description: “One-man transcendental/meditative drone project.”

E10. Woony Hax

Song Contributed: In the Back Field

From: Edmonton, Alberta

Project Description: “Having been introduced at a very young age to the groundbreaking music of the greats Jimi Hendrix, Kraftwerk, Emerson Lake and Palmer Woony Hax wasted no time in developing an penchant for cutting edge sounds. He has never shied away from the adoption of new tech. to accomplish his creative ends. His work displays a proficiency in sound sculpting matched with a penchant for intricate structure.”

Side F unleashes a slough of sludge, crust and abrasive hardcore.

F1. American Standards

Song Contributed: Danger Music #9

From: Phoenix, AZ

Project Description: “Chaos driven noise punk.”

F2. Filthy Hate

Song Contributed: Maggots Reek of Devour the Corpse

From: Tokyo, Japan

Project Description: “Stench core from Tokyo.”


Song Contributed: Services Rendered

From: Northeast England

Project Description: “Dark, crusty hardcore.”

F4. Goshen

Song Contributed: Cost of Life

From: Corona, CA

Project Description: “Noisy hardcore from the Inland Empire.”

F5. Iron Worzel

Song Contributed: Controlled Clusterfuck

From: Adelaide, South Australia

Project Description: “Sludge stoner violence and Gummridge rock.”

F6. Mourning

Song Contributed: Mourning

From: U.K.

Project Description: “Two-piece hardcore outfit.”

F7. Pilori

Song Contributed: Le Baiser

From: Rouen, France

Project Description: “Pilori was formed in Rouen (Normandy) during the summer of 2015 at the instigation of members (or former members) of Nuisible, The Birds End, Venosa, Elephants, Sutter Cane, Kansas City Shuffle or Toboggan, eager to set up a mix of crust, grind, hardcore, powerviolence, and black metal influences.”

F8. Robot

Song Contributed: Never Alone

From: Scarborough, Ontario

Project Description: “SCARBOROUGH HARDCORE.”


Song Contributed: The Scourge

From: Sète, France

Project Description: “Born on Autumn 2002, from Sète (south of France). Many line up changes.  More than 200 shows and 7 tours in Europe; some with Coalesce, Nails, Russian Circles, Jucifer, Genghis Tron, Child Abuse, Kongh or Mumakil.

* * * * * *

Thank you again for reading or least glancing at the list of bands/artists that contributed to this compilation. There are many more interviews and conversations to come in the following months from these artists.

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