#118 | Interview | Dead Twin on His Intimate, Unreleased Album ‘Unhappy’


It’s been a little while since our last artist interview podcast here on the site, but here we make a return with a more in-depth interview of the New Jersey-based harsh noise/power electronics project, Dead Twin. You may recall my briefer interview with John from several months back where we spent 30 minutes or so discussing Dead Twin and he then performed an improvised live set. With that under our belts, we thought it would be fun to do an even deeper dive into John’s abrasive project.

Now we did conduct a more expansive interview before this one you’re about to listen to, however, the audio quality was rather subpar and I did not want to subject you all to its persistent anomalies (though if you want to brave the raw conversation, it is on our Patreon). From that interview, specifically toward its conclusion, John noted the existence of a personal Dead Twin record of his, titled Unhappy, that is not published on the web. And shortly after that interview concluded, he noted that he’d be willing to send me the record with the stipulation that I do not share it with other people. After confirming my respect for his wishes, he transmitted the album.

Unhappy is a fascinating ambient collage of John’s childhood. It’s one that exudes intimacy and simultaneously pays respects to his brother, Peter, who never experienced the world as he was a heartbreaking miscarriage. The album is not without its piercing walls of noise, but relative to the breadth of his Dead Twin discography, Unhappy is introspective and touching. Though these more ambient and field recording tracks from Unhappy will not be shared in this interview, save the eviscerating harsh noise assault “Rage (25 Counts of Battery)”, John notes that he is willing to share the record with folks who are genuinely intrigued by our discussion of it. He does ask that you not share it with others if you decide to listen, however. You can contact him directly on Facebook, Instagram, what have you, to request a link to listen to Unhappy, or you can reach out to me directly and I will put you in contact with him.

Beyond our in-depth discussion of Unhappy, John also delves more broadly into Dead Twin, illuminating its origins and its subsequent evolution over its relatively brief existence thus far. I won’t spoil much else as we cover a lot of ground in this episode. Thank you so much for listening and I sincerely hope you enjoy our exchange.

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You can subject yourself to the unrelenting abrasiveness of Dead Twin’s harsh noise on his Bandcamp page. Additionally, follow/like Dead Twin at the social links provided above to stay up-to-date on news regarding upcoming splits and releases.

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