#77 | Interview | NONE (Meditative Neofolk Swirling in Portals of Black Metal, Industrial, Noise, and Dark Ambient)

Nicholas of NONE discusses the blend of genres, feelings, and energy comprising this solo project of his. He goes into his writing process, what the project represents for him personally, and he also divulges the intriguing notion that NONE is more than just the name of his project, but a deity of his own construction.

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Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 23 (Worm Monolith, Tongue Party, Allogenic)

In episode twenty-three, we languish in the dreary harsh noise auras erected by Worm Monolith, we seek reprieve from our monotonous existence via the unfettered noise rock energy promulgated in Tongue Party’s Looking for a Painful Death, and we traverse the night sky with Allogenic’s Rites of Fear, stepping into its experimental electronic portal to explore the occult secrets lying beyond.

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