#231 | Reviews and Other Rambles: Remain Sedate, Creature, Trenches, Ethereal Shroud, and More


What’s up, noxious wasteland inhabitants! We hope you’re all well. As is expected, we’ve been sluggish to drop a new “Reviews and Other Rambles” podcast episode, but we have an excuse. Several months back, we commissioned William Hay to create an original art piece to pair with our new podcast format. Now that it’s complete, we wanted to debut his bizarre flesh monstrosity alongside the first episode we recorded in the new year (yes, we recorded this episode in the first couple weeks of January).

We’re ecstatic with how the uncanny piece turned out and we hope you enjoy it too. That being said, this new episode follows the same episode format we’ve adopted in the past few months. In it, we ramble about frequencies that are meditative and harsh, doomy and heartfelt, eccentric, cheeky, and cudgeling. You can find all of the artists we chat about, in roughly chronological order, in the list down below.

If you have some artists, albums, singles, or any other form of musical media you’d like us to consider for an upcoming episode, please feel free to send us an email or reach out at one of our various social media channels. In a couple of weeks’ time, there will a new “Reviews and Other Rambles” episode that covers even more artists than we do in this episode. Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Segment 01: Band Developments

Brief rambles about upcoming music

Keosz, a favorite ambient artist of mine (Ryan), dropped an EP of unfinished sounds titled Corrupt a File I. It consists of beat-driven electronic rhythms and brooding ambient backdrops.

Vein.fm dropped some details on their upcoming sophomore LP, This World is Going to Ruin You. It will be out via Closed Casket Activities on March 4, 2022. (We ramble about their lead single, “The Killing Womb”, later in the episode).

Dog Fashion Disco announced their next album, Cult Classic, which will release on March 12, 2022 via Razor to Wrist Records. We briefly touch on their debut single from the album, titled “Grand Experiment“.

Segment 02: New(-ish) Tracks

Rambles about relatively fresh tracks

Alien Slut Mum” from Pike vs. The Automaton

The lead single from Matt Pike’s new solo endeavor. Fuzz-drenched psychedelia rife with screwdriving riffs. This drops on February 18, 2022.

Corporeal Flux” from Dead Neanderthals and Aaron Turner

A winding, meditative 25-minute excursion through loop-propelled riffs and percussion, pocked by Aaron Turner’s signature barks and frothing guitar noise.

The Killing Womb” from Vein.fm

Blunt force head trauma, chunky rhythmic aberrations, and berserk trachea tearing.

Segment 03: EPs, Splits, and/or Demos

Rambles about some newer bite-sized releases

Zegema Beach Records’ Understanding. The final (of five) installments in Zegema Beach’s Meditations in Affinity series. This is a succinct EP featuring one track from each of Malevich, R. Josef, Heel Turn, and Wanderer. Grinding blackened doom, excoriating post-hardcore, and gristly hardcore punk.

Breaths’ The Wayward. Four tracks off of Breaths’ sophomore LP, Though life has turned out nothing like I imagined, it is far better than I could have dreamt. Soul-penetrating black/doomgaze with pensive reflections upon familial relationships and processing grief. (The four-track EP is available on streaming platforms, but not on Breaths’ Bandcamp page. Check the album for the full six-track experience).

Segment 04: Weird Bandcamp Picks

Random, and usually strange, finds from our Bandcamp dredging

Three Ringos & a Banjo’s The Sophisticated Pigeon Man. We listened to it. We don’t remember much. Monkey screeches and harsh noise. Some of the track titles are curious and kind of funny, at least?

Obscure Skuadron’s Mysterious Existence. Queue the X-Files theme song. This is some UFO black metal from Indonesia. Scratchy, raw, and unkempt frequencies for crop circle gazers.

Segment 05: Forgotten Recents

Records we've been digging, but don't have the time for a deep dive

Papangu’s Holoceno. The lush and heady debut from Brazil’s progressive rock quartet. A mystifying blend of hefty sludge, psychedelic zeuhl, dreamy post-rock, and a bevy of other disparate, yet vigorous timbres.

Sugar Horses’s The Live Long After. Transcendent sludge commingled with blissful shoegaze and cranium-clawing heft. This debut LP of theirs dropped back in August of 2021.

Segment 06: Albums of Focus

Records we dive into with some depth (in order of episode appearance)

Remain Sedate - Unwell

Timestamp in episode: 01:07:02

Formerly known as Crisis Actor, Remain Sedate debuted their full-length, Unwell, on December 3, 2021 via The Ghost is Clear Records.

Creature - Eloge De L'Ombre

Timestamp in episode: 01:13:49

The fourth LP from the genre-warping black metal chameleon known as Creature. Eloge De L’Ombre (or, Praise Of Shadow) was released via I, Voidhanger Records on November 12, 2021.

Trenches - Reckoner

Timestamp in episode: 01:25:41

The long-awaited sophomore record from the sludgy metalcore sextet, Trenches. Reckoner, released on January 1, 2022, comes nearly 14 years after their 2008 debut, The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole.

Ethereal Shroud - Trisagion

Timestamp in episode: 01:36:42

The sophomore LP from the UK-based black/doom project helmed by Joseph Hawker. This album released nearly six years after the project’s debut record, They Became the Falling Ash. Trisagion was independently released on December 10, 2021.

* * * * * *

If you’ve scrolled this far, thank you so much for perusing the bands featured in this episode. All the links to our socials can be found below.

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