#230 | Interview | Uttered in Tongues (Meditative Harsh Drone)


What’s up, void dwellers. It’s been a few months since I’ve published a podcast interview, but I’m keen to share with you this fresh conversation between myself and Art Tuttle of Uttered in Tongues and Diva Karr.

Art is a licensed and practicing trauma therapist based out the Boston area, who often works with patients that live with long-term episodic trauma. Uttered in Tongues is his solo harsh drone meditation project, and Diva Karr is a blackened, grinding noise quartet where Art plays bass and constructs noisescapes. While the former endeavor is the primary focus of this discussion, we do dig into the contrasting strains of catharsis each project yields toward the episode’s back-half.

As Uttered in Tongues, Art explores the intersection of harsh drone as meditation and mental health. Whether a piece is six minutes or twenty, Art aims to craft his noise as a calm oasis one can visit to center themselves. Now, it likely sounds bewildering to state that his frequencies are calm and simultaneously harsh; however, his pointed attention toward gurgling low-end vibrations renders his compositions akin to a full-body meditation—especially when the volume knob is cranked.

In this conversation, Art digs into topics like how his work as a trauma therapist informs his approach to drone. He speaks on how he’s gone about crafting several of his own noise instruments, his live performances as Uttered in Tongues, his latest album Ego, the various techniques he’s tinkered with to produce his growing catalog of noise, and a litany of other tangents. All this is to say that my conversation with Art was a pleasant excursion through resonances I haven’t dabbled with in many months. Thank you all so much for tuning in, and I sincerely hope you enjoy our exchange!

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You can peruse Uttered in Tongues’ discography over at his Bandcamp page. If harsh drone isn’t your speed, then might I suggest diving into Diva Karr. Art noted that they’re planning to hit the studio in the summer to record their next full-length record. Their 2019 LP, Healing, is a scorcher, and I’m still kicking myself in the ass for sleeping on it.

In a couple weeks time, we’ll have a new Reviews and Other Rambles episode up! Among the artists featured are Creature, Trenches, Unwell, Ethereal Shroud, and a metric ton of others.

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