#204 | Album Review | Kammarheit – Thronal


Hello, fantastical individuals of the endless space void. This week Ryan and I eject ourselves in a doomed escape pod! This pod (hehe podcast) heats us up like an overcooked bag of popcorn as we find ourselves entering the atmosphere of what remains of Earth. In reality, we are actually going into a deep conversation on the dark ambient album Thronal by Kammarheit. As per usual when we talk about ambient music, we get rather descriptive with the imagery the atmosphere inspires, including abandoned post-apocalyptic landscapes, cyberpunk-like rotting temples, and random dorkery in spacecrafts.

Thronal crawls with rumbling drones, enchanting tones, and complex atmospheres. One moment I find myself deep within space (possibly in cryo-sleep) listening to the hum of an engine. On another track I find myself leaving a derelict apartment complex and wandering into a frosty, overgrown forest; or, I find myself balancing on the crumbling remnants of a concrete overpass with rebar daring to stab me with one misstep. Kammarheit gives a brief description that may influence these thoughts. He talks of space travelers returning to the remnants of human civilization on Earth. The music he has composed as the soundtrack for urban explorations works quite perfectly. You truly feel as if you are on a morose yet exciting (maybe even calming) adventure. Just today I explored the wetland waste of old fishing communities that once occupied the South Bay Area. I thought back to this album as I gazed upon the rotting wood jutting out from the muddy bog. The colorful bits of plastic mixed with bones of various avian creatures, foreshadowing what may come for all of humankind. Man, I’m being a total bummer!

Kammarheit is a Swedish dark ambient project by Pär Boström. The project was formed in the year 2000. From what we have discovered (mostly Ryan)… Pär has an absurd number of musical projects. Thronal is his fourth full-length title under the Kammarheit name. It was released on December 21, 2020, via Cyclic Law. I truly recommend checking out this eight-track masterpiece.

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You can purchase Thronal via Bandcamp and you can locate more of Kammarheit’s music and physical products via his websiteCyclic Law and Cryo Chamber. There you will find some awesome vinyl and CD options. You should also support the artist by following him on Facebook.

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Below is a picture from the mentioned wetlands.

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