#81 | Album Review | Xerxes The Dark – Tower Of Silence


Xerxes The Dark is a dark ambient composer helmed by Morego Dimmer. Founded back in 2005 and established as Iran’s first dark ambient artist, Morego has produced a myriad of albums under this moniker, many of which can be experienced on his project’s Bandcamp page. He has contributed compositions to several labels and web outlets, the most recent appearance of his being on the This Is Darkness Webzine Compilation, Volume II.

Morego’s latest album, Tower Of Silence, released via Zāl Records, is one of utmost despair. Blending sepulchral drones with the murmur of city life, the mechanical failings of rusted hardware, and the groans of ancient lives maligned, Tower Of Silence harbors a metaphor which articulates the current existent state of mankind. It is devoid of all hope, any ray of light, as we are picked apart by carrion and left to decay in the tower’s well. In this episode, we tread through the eons of cobwebs and dust accumulating in the Tower Of Silence and attempt to unearth its dreary secrets. Thank you so much for listening.

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