Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 22 (Grave Blankets, Cognitive, MULE)


In episode twenty-two, we are cloaked in the droning, industrial-tinged sound palettes of Grave Blankets’ self-titled debut EP. We get hanged, drawn and quartered by the technical, groove-laden death metal savagery of Cognitive’s new LP, Matricide, and we stride across the neon synth skylines of MULE’s future retro debut record, Music for B-Movies.

Thank you so much for listening. Let us know what you think about each of these records down below and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes.

1. Grave Blankets - Grave Blankets

Genre: Drone, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient
Label: Flag Day Recordings
From: Philadelphia, PA

2. Cognitive - Matricide

Genre: Technical death metal, Deathcore, Experimental
Label: Unique Leader Records
From: New Jersey

3. MULE - Music for B-Movies

Genre: Soundtrack, Ambient electronic, Future retro
Label: Mouth of Gold Records
From: London

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