Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 26 (Gaetir The Mountainkeeper, VANHA, Andromida)


In episode twenty-six, we wander across the ancient, frost-bitten crags sculpted on Gaetir The Mountainkeeper’s Fornjörð. We stagger through the melodic funeral doom death march of VANHA’s Melancholia and on Andromida’s More Than Human, we soar atop its illustrious, cinematic djent compositions.

Thank you so much for listening. You can find relevant links, artwork, and tracks to sample below. The discussions of each album begin at the following timestamps:

00:02:16 – Gaetir The Mountainkeeper’s Fornjörð

00:33:28 – VANHA’s Melancholia

01:01:37 – Andromida’s More Than Human

1. Gaetir The Mountainkeeper - Fornjörð

Genre: Nordic ritual ambient
Label: Prometheus Studio
From: Belgrade, Serbia

2. VANHA - Melancholia

Genre: Depressive doom metal, Funeral doom, Melodic death doom
Label: Black Lion Records
From: Sweden

3. Andromida - More Than Human

Genre: Progressive metal, Djent
Label: Self-released
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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