Ep. 8: A Conversation with Talsur (One-man Doombearer from Russia)


Talsur is a one-man doom band hailing from Russia. Founded just over two years ago, he has already explored a bevy of doom metal’s slimy dregs. From funeral doom to stoner doom to recent inclusions of black metal on his latest release, The¬†Gates EP, Talsur’s versatility appears boundless beyond doom paradigms. With his frequent use of symphonic elements and an interlaced vocal delivery of rasping growls against deep, soothing cleans, his songs surprise, crush, and may leave you near speechless. His lyrics are of struggling with anxiety, depression, hopelessness. And the slough of slow, cerebral smashing riffs he crafts are a way of wrangling these crippling feelings. Each song is a piece of a story culminating toward some resolution. And in these chapters, Talsur straps listeners into the boots of the hero he creates. The end result is an enthralling journey through auditory tales that engage, reward, and at times, yield catharsis.

In a first interview (and conversation) for Talsur, he discusses the origin of his musical endeavors, why he continually shifts his style of doom, how none of his friends know of his doom metal work, plans for his new full-length to drop this summer, and a great deal more. Thank you for giving Talsur your time and thank you for the continued support.

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Support and listen to Talsur’s work on his Bandcamp page. Follow/Like him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates leading up to his new releases.

And thank you so much to Kyle over at Ash & Dust Studio for elevating the quality of this recording.

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