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God Body Disconnect is a cinematic dark ambient project from the mind of Bruce Moallem. Several weeks back, Connor and I had the sincere pleasure of reviewing Bruce’s latest auditory undertaking, The Mist Between Mirrors. And a week or so after that review’s publication, I connected with Bruce to conduct what may be the most in-depth podcast interview on From Corners Unknown thus far.

Back in his late teenage years, Bruce was the drummer for the New Jersey-based psychedelic death metal outfit Dripping. They crafted one record titled Disintegration of Thought Patterns During a Synthetic Mind Traveling Bliss and while wrapping up the album’s recording in the studio, they amicably disbanded. In the years following Dripping’s dissolution Bruce would wander about other sonic pastures. Post-rock, dark jazz, black metal, and more, he kept himself rather busy. However, most, if not all of these endeavors did not materialize in the way Dripping did with full label support and professional backing. But in 2016, Bruce emerged from obscurity as God Body Disconnect on the cinematic dark ambient label, Cryo Chamber.

His debut LP Dredge Portals was one I found particularly striking upon release, especially in comparison to the label’s catalog at that time. It featured spoken word from Bruce and though spoken word had been used on albums preceding Dredge Portals, the candidness of his words and his manner of speaking rendered his tale deeply relatable, particularly due to its reflective nature. I won’t reel on and on about the conceptual framework upon which God Body Disconnect hangs as I don’t want to spoil the conversation, but it’s worth noting that this podcast is teeming with dozens of details that have not been divulged by Bruce elsewhere on the web. We cover a large expanse of his music career, how Dripping and God Body Disconnect are related from a conceptual point of view, how God Body Disconnect came into existence, and we also delve into the abstract nature of the inner self (in addition to much more). Thank you so much for listening.

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In addition to perusing The Mist Between Mirrors on the Cryo Chamber Bandcamp page, you can peruse all of his other albums and collaborations at the following addresses: Miles to Midnight (2018), Sleeper’s Fate (2017), Locus Arcadia (2016), and Dredge Portals (2016). Also, stay in the loop on new updates and insights from Bruce regarding God Body Disconnect by following his artist page on Facebook.

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