#119 | Album Review | Zeresh – Farewell


Zeresh is an atmospheric dark folk project helmed by Israel denizen Tamar Singer. Though this genre descriptor is relatively apt, there exists a sundry of textures and tonal tendrils that broach its confines on her debut LP, Farewell. Gurgling swells of harsh noise fester infrequently, imbuing a perennial sense of unease. And this gnawing sensation is further promulgated by fragments of discordant notes. Some acoustic strums are jagged against the ears, though every so often you hear these impenetrable electric guitar fissures that sprawl from veins of doom metal.

The mood exuding from Farewell is amorphous yet simultaneously steeped in mysticism. Like a billowing haze of grey, you can make out shapes of melody and hear Tamar’s soothing croon, but their fluidity floods over your body, impressing a sense of wonderment that renders you isolated in one glimmer and uplifted the next. Her lyrics are sourced from poets long since perished, such as William Ernest Henley, William Butler Yeats, and Aleksandrovich Bolk. So effortlessly does she inhale their poeticism and breathe a verdant folk tune. It’s a sincere challenge to articulate the feelings that percolate from Farewell. Despite our words here, we undertake the endeavor to expound upon where this record transported us whilst listening. A glass house perched on a bluff overlooking mist-laden pines or a snug blanket wrapped over your torso as a cozy fireplace crackles in the early days of autumn. We had a lot to say about Farewell and we hope you enjoy our discussion of it. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can stream Farewell to your heart’s content in the embed player above, over on the Zeresh Bandcamp page, or on Spotify. Physical media (CDs) are available via 999 Cuts, which you can acquire via the aforementioned Bandcamp page.

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