Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 15 (HAAN, Necromishka, GRIZZLOR)


In episode fifteen, we entrench ourselves deeper into sludgy noise rock and find a morose respite within some folk-infused dark ambient. We discuss the debut LP, By the Grace of Blood and Guts, from vociferous noise rock quartet HAAN, the malignant, harsh, and chilling first record from Israelian duo, Necromiska, entitled The Space Between Us, and we close with the hilariousand at times, catchy5 Wasted Years EP from the fuzzed out sludge rock trio, GRIZZLOR.

Thank you for listening. Let us know what you think about each of these records below and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes.

1. HAAN - By the Grace of Blood and Guts

Genre: Noise rock / Sludge / Psychedelic
Label: Aqualamb Records
From: New York City, NY

2. Necromishka - The Space Between Us

Genre: Dark ambient / Dark folk / Noise / Industrial
Label: Self-released
From: Israel

3. GRIZZLOR - 5 Wasted Years

Genre: Noise rock / Grunge / Sludge
Label: Self-released
From: New Haven, CT

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